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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a compounded prescription?
    A compounded prescription is any prescription drug that is not commercially available or ready-to-use thereby requiring a pharmacist to “make” the drug before it is ready to dispense.  This may include a mixture of multiple ingredients to make a finished product.  By mixing different ingredients and/or bases together, we are able to achieve a personalized approach to your medications.  This may include making a specific dose for a patient, combining different drugs together to improve convenience and efficacy, making a drug in a different dosage form to reduce side effects or improving compliance.
  • What are some of the types of compounds you make?
    We can make any compounded prescription item that is non-sterile.  The main exclusions would be: injectables and ophthalmic preparations.  Some examples of compounds that we make include: Skincare personalized to your specific needs with a combination of active ingredients that cannot be found commercially Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Low Dose Naltrexone Creams that include multiple active drug ingredients to be applied on the skin avoid the oral ingestion. (Ex. Pain Creams) Capsules with unique doses that are not available commercially Lollipops that contain medications that children refuse to take in other forms Lozenges or Troches with medications to allow drugs to be absorbed in the mouth Spray on bandages with medications to help wound healing for pets that will stay on and formulated so that they will not lick their wounds Paediatric suspensions/liquids in different flavours to mask the unpleasant taste of drugs Suppositories with specialty shapes or drug combinations Drugs that are back-ordered or discontinued can sometimes be compounded so that you are not left helpless if you previously required the medication Personalized drug formulations (Ex. personalized "fillers" that are gluten free)
  • What are common categories of treatment that require compounded medications?
    Here is a list of some of the common compounds that we make: Low Dose Naltrexone (this is not available commercially) HRT Creams Cosmetic Preparations Thyroid pills for unique dosing Pain Creams Dermatological Preparations (Medical) Acne Psoriasis Eczema – we have several formulas for treatment-resistant eczema Scar Therapy Pediatric – lollipops, suspensions with special flavors/dosing Pets – Individualized doses pre-measured in oral syringes, Polyox (spray on) bandages, medications made into dog/cat treats Wound Care Suppositories This list is not exhaustive and we can help to formulate or create solutions for compounds that other pharmacies have told you that they cannot make.
  • Do you deliver prescriptions?
    We offer free local delivery for prescriptions only.  For most prescriptions compounds, we are able to deliver by the next business day if the request is received before 2pm.  If a specialty ingredient is required for the compound, it may take longer. In such cases, we will communicate the expected delivery times with the patient directly. The boundaries for our local delivery are between DVP and Victoria Park (West to East) and between Danforth and Lakeshore (North to South). All other prescription deliveries within the GTA are subject to a $9.95 flat shipping fee.
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