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Personalized Health and Wellness from a Pharmacist

From Hormone Replacement to Natural Health Solutions, we take an Evidence-based approach to Wellness

Hello, I'm Serina, the Owner and Pharmacist at The Pharmacy Lab. I completed my Pharmacy Program at the University of Toronto in 2008, and as a Pharmacist, I have developed a particular interest in hormones. I hold a specialist designation in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), allowing me to better assist my patients in this area.

Having spent over a decade working in and managing a large chain community pharmacy, I understand the challenges of the fast-paced corporate model in Canada. In such environments, the emphasis often leans towards meeting metrics set by the corporate office, and unfortunately, patient care and health optimization can take a back seat.

At The Pharmacy Lab, we prioritize our patients' health. My goal is to provide an evidence-based approach, utilizing my skills and continuously expanding knowledge to enhance your approach to health treatment and maintenance.

Our focus extends beyond medications, herbs, or supplements; we also consider your lifestyle habits that can impact your overall health. Making better-informed decisions about your well-being is essential to us. Tune in to learn more from the perspective of a Compounding Pharmacist!

As we embark on this journey together at The Pharmacy Lab, remember, health is wealth. Stay tuned for a healthy dose of knowledge from the perspective of a Compounding Pharmacist.

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