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Experience the trinity of the Reålea beauty wellness ritual 


A curated collection of Reålea's alchemical offerings specifically designed for daily use on the sensitive skin of the face. The Beauty Trio set comes in a beautiful original fine art box featuring "Damask Rose" by American interdisciplinary artist, Peter D. Gerakaris.


This set includes 1 balm, 1 serum, and 1 toner:

Aurora (30ml) Beauty & Healing Balm 

Astrum (30ml) Face and Hair Oil

Imber (100ml) Refreshing Face Mist 


A thoughtfully curated daily face care regimen to combat stress, protect against damage, and encourage a radiant healthy glow. 



  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Prevent and alleviate breakouts 
  • Even out skin tone and promote enduring suppleness  
  • Brighten and smooth the complexion 
  • Nourish hair and roots
  • Protect against environmental stressors 

REÅLEA Beauty Trio Set

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  • The Result: Restore your natural balance and radiate 

    The Ritual: In the evening or morning after using your favorite gentle cleanser, spritz your face and neck liberally with Imber and allow a few moments for the mist settle and begin interacting with your skin. Apply 5-10 drops of Astrum to the palm of your hand and use your fingertips to gently and evenly massage the serum around your eyes and across your face. Take a restful moment to let the Astrum absorb into your skin, and then finish the ritual by scooping a pea-sized portion of Aurora onto your fingertip and gently massage into your whole face and neck. Additionally, for vibrant hair and healthy scalp, apply drops of Astrum directly to scalp, massage your hair at the roots with fingertips, and then brush your hair from root to tip. We recommend using a boar-bristle brush!

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