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Perfectly sized to fit your palm, the smooth rounded ends of our scalp massage comb aids in stimulating blood flow and circulation to help relax the scalp and head muscles. With over 60 pressure points on the scalp, regular scalp massages help boost nutrients, blood and oxygen circulation which can improve hair thickness, reduce muscle tension in the head and neck, and aids in removing dirt and product buildup on the scalp and hair which could cause poor scalp and hair health.


Carved out of natural smooth Tebebuia and durable wood, this scalp massage comb is anti-static, gentle on the scalp and the perfect pairing with a hair oil treatment.


For best results, pair with the 13 Blend hair oil and treat yourself to a relaxing ritual to calm the mind and body.


Comes with a reusable travel pouch.

VAMA Scalp Massage Comb

Only 3 left in stock
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