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About Us

We are a Compounding Pharmacy specializing in non-sterile compounds.  Our expertise is in the realm of creating and helping you personalize medications that would not otherwise be commercially available.  After working for over a decade in community pharmacies, we had come to realize that there is often a lack of treatment options available for many of the medical conditions that our patients were experiencing.  We are here to help fill in that gap and to help our patients come up with solutions to these inadequately treated conditions.

Pharmacy Counter for Prescription Drop-Off or Pick-Up. Minimalist design.  White with green plants.
Mortar and Pestle. Pharmacist is compounding some remedies.

We can personalize medications for our patients.

As a small business, we are able to choose to focus on our patients and to spend the time needed to help them improve their overall health.  That means we will look at you holistically in addition to the prescription medications that you take.  In focusing on you as a whole, we are better able to tailor your medication and lifestyle choices for a healthier future.

Our mission at The Pharmacy Lab is to help our patients fill in the gap in areas where treatment options are inadequate.  We can help work with our patients and prescribers to come up with solutions to these health concerns in ways that open up new options and improve tolerance to therapy.  In the community, we found that as Pharmacists, we were always pressed for time and unable to give patients the time and care we would ideally like – by specializing in compounding at The Pharmacy Lab, we are able to provide patients and customers with the care and attention that they deserve.

Our goal is to promote health and wellness in our community.  We also want to offer non-drug and natural health solutions to compliment your health regimen.  Our retail store is unlike any other pharmacy.  We carry a curated selection of self-care and wellness products.  You can be sure that what you find here is clean, free of harmful toxins, effective, support other small businesses, and similar to our own business practices, will focus on conscious practices that are mindful of our environment and communities.

Pharmacy Retail Store with minimalist design and large arches.

Retail Experience

In addition to offering personalized medicine, we want you to be as healthy as possible without medical intervention. We have a wonderful selection of health, beauty, and natural health products to help you live your healthiest version of yourself.  We look for clean ingredients that will actually make a difference!  Our store has care products for every step of your self-care routine. A special focus is made on the avoidance of toxic or unnecessary ingredients that could potentially do harm, come from other small businesses, and from companies with a conscious effort to give back.  We should always feel good about the products that we use and the companies that we support!

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Photo of Serina Hanlon, Founder and Head Pharmacist.

Founder and Pharmacist

Serina Hanlon

Serina is a Mom, a Pharmacist, and a lifelong health and wellness enthusiast. She has been a community pharmacy owner for over a decade and is passionate about helping patients find solutions with modern medicine when required, while incorporating natural alternatives and lifestyle to promote overall well-being.  She loves to travel, eat, cook, work out, and to spend time with friends and family.

Photo of Stephanie, full time Pharmacist.


Stephanie  Yeung

After graduating from the University of Toronto’s Pharmacy program, Stephanie practiced in community, hospital, and specialty care. She has specialized skills in diabetes education, opioid dependence therapy, oncology, fertility and compounding pharmaceutical care. Outside of pharmacy, Stephanie enjoys watching musicals, baking and travelling. 

Photo of Alan, the lead compounding technician.

Lead Compounding Technician

Alan Ng

Alan is the glue that holds the pharmacy team together.  He was trained as a Pharmacist in the UK, where the art of compounding is a large focus of pharmacy practice.  He brings a unique set of skills and perspective to our team.  In his free time, Alan loves to play badminton, travel and eat.

Photo of Romina, the product manager.

VP of Operations

Romina Peluffo

Romina has years of retail experience and has gained insight in various areas from product management, customer service, to even business accounting.  Her warmth and kindness not only shines a light on all the customers and vendors that she interacts with but also on the rest of our team.  Outside of work, Romina loves to travel and to eat her way through the city through all of the great dining options!

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