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The Spinning G-Spot 1 offers 2 varied vibration programs with an additional rotation feature to tease your vaginal sweet spot.


The spinning, rhythmic motion combined with the vibrator’s flattened tip provide perfect G-spot stimulation. You can choose the speed and direction, as the Satisfyer Spinning G-Spot 1 offers 5 different rotation programs that change direction with a double-click on the rotation button. You may also combine rotation and vibration or use them separately.


The surface of the Satisfyer Spinning G-Spot 1 is made of soft silicone to enhance the sensual experience when using this G-spot vibrator. It is also waterproof and can be easily cleaned with water, mild soap. The Satisfyer Spinning G-Spot 1 is rechargeable with the included USB charging cable.

Satisfyer Spinning G-Spot 1

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