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Explore a range of services at our pharmacy, including Assessments and Prescribing for Minor Ailments, Vaccinations, Injection Services, and thorough Medication Reviews.

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The Pharmacy Lab is a comprehensive Compounding Pharmacy, providing assistance for all your prescription requirements, including both standard prescriptions and personalized alternatives. 

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"The best pharmacy in Leslieville. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly, attentive to detail, and accommodating.”


What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

A Compounding Pharmacy specializes in preparing custom  medications to fit the unique needs of a patient that cannot be met with commercially available products. 

Some of the reasons patients may seek compounded prescriptions include the ability to create custom doses, custom combinations of medicinal ingredients, unique dosage forms that are easier to use, avoidance of dietary allergens or irritants in medications, amongst many other possibilities.

If you are having any problems with your medications, we are the appropriate health care allies to have.  We will work with you to resolve these issues as we are not limited by the commercially available options.

We personalize

We are a wellness-inspired Compounding Pharmacy in the heart of Leslieville, Toronto.  Leveraging our combined knowledge, we are dedicated to assisting you on your health journey by seamlessly blending personalized medicine with self-care through a holistic approach.

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1101 Queen Street East

Toronto, ON

M4M 1K7

Phone: 416-778-1101

Fax: 416-778-1105

MON - FRI: 9AM - 7PM
SAT: 9AM - 5PM
SUN: Closed

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